Friday, June 13, 2008

The old church of Waddinxveen

This is said to be the only known existing picture of the village church of Waddinxveen. If you look on the map of the Waddinxveen area shown further down on this blog you can see the location where this church stood until 1838, marked by a cross on the section of land between the Kerkweg (Church Road) and the Dorrekade. This version of the picture is from the book "Omme 't woort Gods" (About God's Word) by C. Neven, 1978. However, this picture, which was drawn by Anna C. Brouwer, was first published in "De Nederlandse Stad- en Dorp-Beschrijver" (A Description of Dutch Towns and Villages) by L. van Oleffen and R. Bakker, 1793

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